DISCLAIMER: Basketball Yoga Blast is an imaginary product and FitR, Inc. is an imaginary company. I wrote this direct-response sales package as part of my course, Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, from AWAI. None of the people mentioned in this package are associated with this imaginary product in any way.



Goodbye Chronic Health Problems. HELLO Lean, Flexible, Heart-Healthy, Super-Fit body.
INSIDE: TAKE CONTROL of Your Health and Improve Your Basketball Skills with This 5,000-Year-Old Secret!


At Last! A Fun Anti-Aging Exercise System That Works!

Take control of your future health and decrease or eliminate the chance of a heart attack … stroke … cancer … arthritis … brittle bones … and more, using this 5,000-year-old anti-aging exercise

Dear Fellow Basketball Lover,

You may already know a 50-year old, active man plagued by frequent trips to the doctor with chest pains. Or worse. Maybe he’s your brother lying near death in a hospital bed after having a severe heart attack.

When you visit, all you see is his once-healthy body lying on the bed with an oxygen tube, a couple IV lines, and a bag to catch his urine. You’re surrounded by the sounds and smells of a busy Intensive Care Unit. Nurses and doctors rushing around. The constant beeping of machines. The smell of death.

Maybe your once-active mother has never-ending pain. She often falls. She has brittle bones. And now she can’t walk without help because she had a broken hip. And she has severe arthritis. She can’t even open a jar of jam to spread on her morning toast.

It hurts too much for her to leave her apartment. Her friends rarely visit. Her only company is the visiting nurse and the home health aide who come to check on her and help her bathe.

Or what if your best friend has to go in for surgery to take out part of his colon because of cancer? He doesn’t want to play a quick game of basketball with you anymore, because now he has a colostomy bag to take care of and worry about. He fears the embarrassment of the bag coming loose and making a mess.

Control Your Health

These are just some of the many chronic health problems that affect so many men and women around the world. Problems that can ruin a person’s quality of life or even wipe out someone’s retirement savings.

Are you afraid of what may possibly happen to you?

What if I told you that you can take control of your future health and decrease or eliminate these problems … heart attack … stroke … cancer … arthritis … brittle bones … and others? Would you want to know more?

How Can I Stop This From Happening to Me?

I’m a middle-aged woman just as concerned about my health and future as you are about yours.

As a prior cardiac nurse, I’ve seen so many people suffer. Many of their health problems could have possibly been prevented … IF they knew what they could have done to change their lives.

Getting older does not mean your health and independence are at risk. I know you’re already aware of how a better diet and regular exercise can improve your health.

If you’re like me, you don’t like boring, routine exercise programs. They don’t motivate you to continue with the same old boring steps over and over again. If so, you will appreciate what I am about to say.

Save Time + Better Health
= A Winning Combination!

All right, I wondered, what middle-aged, active person wouldn’t like to save time and boost efficiency?

I’ve been doing research, looking for a fun, time-saving workout program. One that will both deliver better health now and help prevent chronic health problems in the future.

I found just what the doctor ordered!

The best part? This unique, proven blend of basketball drills and yoga moves will give you a lean, flexible, heart-healthy, and super-fit body.

It will also allow you to take control of your future health. You can cut down or maybe even get rid of the chances of a heart attack … stroke … cancer … arthritis … brittle bones … and other chronic conditions.

Research points to the benefits of having both strength and cardio training in the same workout. This is known as hybrid training.

The first hybrid training program became all the rage in 1998. It combined strength training with cardio treadmill training. This was soon followed by cardio with weight work done on stationary bikes.

Pretty quickly, the market became flooded with new ways to save time and be more effective by mixing cardio with strength training in new and fun ways. “Many programs also work in agility, balance, and flexibility training,” according to Sharon Feiereisen, author of many fitness articles.

Proven System to Keep Fit, Stay Flexible, and Have Fun!

As busy professionals, we all know how important it is to save time and increase efficiency.

Basketball Yoga Blast, created by FitR, Inc., is an excellent hybrid program. It blends the cardio of basketball drills with the stretching of yoga. It is the only program on the market that combines basketball with yoga.

In fact, Basketball Yoga Blast was developed by a team of two pro basketball players: NBA player Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves and WNBA player Lisa Harrison of the Phoenix Mercury. They were helped by Timothy McCall, M.D., a board-certified doctor, Yoga Journal‘s medical editor, and author of the bestselling Yoga as Medicine.

Kevin Love believes yoga to be “a great way to make my body feel better, so I integrated it into my workouts.” And to stay in shape and “lean up more” during the off-season, Lisa Harrison uses yoga as part of her fitness routine.

Jeremy DuVall, C.P.T., is a personal trainer. He received his Master’s degree in Human Performance from the University of Florida. He specializes in strength training for endurance athletes. DuVall says:

“High-Intensity Interval Training [such as that done with quick basketball drills] keeps your body burning fat even after you leave the gym. The result: Your metabolism is revved for hours. Intense circuits also stimulate muscle-building hormones [which] put your body in a perfect state to build lean mass.”

DuVall also says, “A yoga session focused on stretching, posture, flexibility, and stress relief is an ideal cool-down after an intense workout.”

Why Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Was an Excellent Basketball Player — And You Can Be, Too

Basketball Yoga Blast has been endorsed by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He was a record six-time NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP), a record 19-time NBA All-Star, a 15-time All-NBA selection, and an 11-time All-Defensive Team member.

NBA coach Larry Bird was a former NBA player with the Boston Celtics and former coach of the Indiana Pacers. Coach Mike Krzyzewski of the NCAA Duke Blue Devils was the assistant coach for the U.S. Olympic 1992 “Dream Team,” and coach for the 2008, 2012, and 2016 U.S. Olympic teams. Both of these coaches also endorse Basketball Yoga Blast.

Ramone Williams is a certified strength and conditioning trainer. He is the Youth Athlete Coordinator at Michael Johnson Performance in McKinney, TX. He and DuVall, both fitness experts, are both fans of Basketball Yoga Blast and use it in their own practices.

Several other doctors, chiropractors, and fitness personalities also endorse this program.

Preventative Medicine

Many of the NBA’s best players, including Kevin Love, Blake Griffin, and LeBron James, practice yoga as a way to improve their game while on the court and their health away from it.

Abdul-Jabbar was inducted into the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition by President Obama. He said:

“There is no way I could have played as long as I did [20 years] without yoga. As preventative medicine, it’s unequaled… Once I started practicing it I had no muscle injuries during my career. Yoga can help any athlete with their hip joints, muscles, tendons, and knees. Plus, it keeps you in touch with your body.”

Basketball is a total mind and body sport. It requires players to be quick, both mentally and physically. A lot happens on the court during a game.

Players need to be able to dribble, pass, catch, and shoot while running up and down the court. They also need to keep track of four teammates and prevent five other players from stealing the ball.

Improved Athletic Performance With Anti-Aging Benefits

There are many health benefits, physical and mental, in both basketball and yoga. Some of these benefits are common for both activities.

For instance, some of the amazing health benefits of playing basketball include:
  • Promotes Heart Health (as does yoga)
  • Burns Calories (1 hour = 600 calories for a 165-pound person and 900 calories for a 265-pound person)
  • Builds Bone Strength (as does yoga)
  • Boosts the Immune System (as does yoga)
  • Provides Strength Training (an excellent full-body workout)
  • Boosts Mental Development (as does yoga)
  • Improves Coordination and Motor Skills
  • Develops Self-Discipline and Concentration (as does yoga)
  • Improves Awareness of Space and Body (as does yoga)
  • Boosts Confidence
Adding yoga to the workout gives you these benefits as well as the ones listed above:
  • Improves Your Flexibility
  • Perfects Your Posture
  • Prevents Cartilage and Joint Breakdown
  • Protects Your Spine (keeps disks supple)
  • Increases Your Blood Flow
  • Drops Your Blood Pressure
  • Lowers cortisol levels, the body’s main stress hormone
  • Makes You Happier
  • Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Lowers Blood Sugar
  • Lowers LDL (“Bad”) and Raises HDL (“Good”) Cholesterol
  • Helps You Focus
  • Relaxes Your System
  • Improves Your Balance (may prevent future falls)
  • Maintains Your Nervous System
  • Releases Tension in Your Limbs
  • Helps You Sleep Deeper
  • Gives Your Lungs Room to Breathe
  • Prevents IBS and Other Digestive Problems
  • Eases Pain
  • Helps Keep You Medication Free
  • Guides Your Body’s Healing in Your Mind’s Eye
  • Promotes Self Care

Tara Fraser is the author of five best-selling yoga books (Including Yoga for You and The Easy Yoga Workbook). She also lectures and teaches yoga nationally and internationally. She says:

“Although yoga has its origins in ancient India, its methods and purposes are universal, relying not on cultural background, faith or deity, but simply on the individual.”

Yoga has become important in the lives of many Westerners, sometimes as a way of improving the health and fitness of the body, but also as a means of personal and spiritual development.

Additional Benefits

“Now wait a minute,” you might be saying. “What about the arthritis and hip fractures, the chest pains and heart attack, and the cancer you mentioned at the beginning of this letter?”

Well, let me try to explain.

The Heart:

The blend of basketball with yoga increases blood flow and oxygen-carrying abilities of the red blood cells. This gives you better cardiovascular health.

This, in turn, “thins the blood by making platelets less ‘sticky’ and by cutting the level of clot-promoting proteins in the blood,” according to Dr. McCall, the medical expert who helped develop Basketball Yoga Blast.

Dr. McCall adds, “This can lead to a decrease in heart attacks and strokes since blood clots are often the cause of these killers.”

Bones and Joints:

Becoming more flexible and making your posture better can decrease muscle and joint problems.

“As you slump,” states Dr. McCall, “your body may compensate by flattening the inward curves in your neck and lower back. This can cause pain and degenerative arthritis of the spine.”

He adds, “By taking your joints through their full range of motion, yoga can help prevent degenerative arthritis.”

The weight-bearing activity of both basketball and yoga, “allows the formation of new bone tissue and this, in turn, makes the bones stronger…

“Both the muscles and bones in your body become stronger with basketball as it is a physical activity that involves the tugging and pushing of muscles against bone,” said Maanasi Radhakrishnan, author of the 2017 article “10 Amazing Health Benefits of Playing Basketball.”

In an unpublished study conducted at California State University, Los Angeles, “Yoga practice increased bone density in the vertebrae [spine].”

The Immune System:

Dr. McCall states yoga will increase the drainage of lymph [a thick fluid rich in immune cells], which in turn “helps the lymphatic system fight infection, destroy cancer cells (emphasis mine), and dispose of toxic waste products.”

Natalie Nevins, D.O., a board-certified osteopathic family physician and certified Kundalini yoga instructor, states:

“The relaxation techniques incorporated in yoga can lessen chronic pain, such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Yoga can also lower blood pressure and reduce insomnia.”

Stress can reveal itself in many ways, including back or neck pain, sleeping problems, headaches, drug abuse, and an inability to concentrate. Yoga can be very effective in developing coping skills and reaching a more positive outlook on life.

Keeps You Aware of Your Body

By practicing yoga, you are able to keep in touch with your body as well as your mind. Dr. Nevins goes on to say:

“Regular yoga practice creates mental clarity and calmness. It increases body awareness, relieves chronic stress patterns, relaxes the mind, centers attention, and sharpens concentration.”

Body- and self-awareness are particularly beneficial because they can help with early detection of physical problems and allow for early preventative action.

Talk about taking charge of your health! Wouldn’t you like to know when something is wrong with the inner workings of your body so the problem can be treated before it becomes an out-of-control, life-altering crisis?

The American Osteopathic Association agrees and says, “Yoga focuses on your body’s natural tendency toward health and self-healing.”

With your purchase, you will get a free handy booklet, “Health Benefits of Basketball Yoga Blast.” This booklet was written by Dr. McCall and will give you more facts about how this program will improve your health.

Look and Feel Younger

The American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine reveals how yoga boosts the anti-aging hormones in the brain. They say:

“Regular deep meditation dramatically affects the production of three important hormones related to increased longevity, stress, and enhanced well-being. These are DHEA, Melatonin, and Cortisol.”

Decreases Death

DHEA is key in affecting your body’s age and how it resists disease. A 1986 study found that a modest increase of DHEA is related to a 48% decrease in death due to heart disease.

Yoga increases DHEA levels 44-90%, according to the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Decreases Risk of Diseases and Cancer

Melatonin helps with sleep. If people don’t get enough sleep, it can decrease the quality of life and speed up the aging process. If melatonin levels decrease, that increases the risk of heart and nervous system diseases as well as cancer.

Yoga increases Melatonin levels 98-300%.

Keeps Your Body Young

Cortisol, as we already learned, is the body’s main stress hormone. Cortisol also speeds up the body’s aging process.

Yoga decreases Cortisol levels by 47%.

According to Deepak Chopra, bestselling author of several alternative-medicine books, well-known speaker, and prior doctor:

“Quieting the mind then quiets the body, and the less turbulent the body is, the more the self-repair healing mechanisms get amplified. In fact, scientists have shown that the better your DNA, your genetic machinery, is at healing itself, the longer you live. That’s how meditation lowers biological age.”

Wow! Chopra says yoga really CAN make you younger!

What Do Real People Have to Say About
Basketball Yoga Blast?


James Cunningham, head coach of Amateur Basketball Clubs of America, helps each club member achieve his or her “personal best.” He does this by doing everything possible:

“I work with many players who have day jobs and busy lives but also want to pursue their passion for the game of basketball.
People who stay involved in athletics are usually better disciplined, better focused, and healthier overall. I believe that a daily workout routine is the most helpful in staying slim and agile.
After trying Basketball Yoga Blast with my teams, the results have been amazing!”

Love It

Terrance Young of Cleveland, Ohio, is a single dad who has to keep his energy level up to keep up with his young sons:

“I’ve found that your program helps me maintain the fitness and stamina levels I need to manage work, kids, and home.
For all of us, the best time of the day is when we’re all together – and Basketball Yoga Blast makes it fun for all of us to play basketball and stay healthy. I feel a definite difference when I’m consistent about following your program. My kids love it too. It’s all good.”


Helen Walters of Bethesda, Maryland, loves her demanding career life:

“I’m not going to let stress and long hours take its toll on me and my family. Therefore, every evening when I get home, I fire up your program.
I enjoy 30 minutes of a fun workout that involves one of my favorite pastimes – basketball. My husband can’t believe I found a yoga-basketball workout! He’s even joining me in my Basketball Yoga Blast workouts, so we both have a new appreciation for both pursuits.
Thanks for creating a basketball fan’s fan-tastic workout that helps us perform better on all levels.”

Let’s Talk Basketball

Basketball is an American sport. It was created in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith as a way to help condition young athletes in the cold winter months.

On June 6, 1946 – two years to the day after the invasion of Normandy, exactly ten months after the first atom bomb fell on Japan – two small North American basketball leagues combined to form the National Basketball Association.

As of January 2017, Basketball outpaced Baseball as the second-favorite sport in America.

In the United States today, 212.3 million people play basketball. This is who is playing:

  • Ages 18-29 account for 90.6 million (27.7% of all people in this age range)
  • Ages 30-49 account for 100.4 million (30.7% of all people in this age range)
  • Age 50 and over account for 21.3 million (6.5% of all people in this age range)

Who Practices Yoga, Anyway?

Yoga developed 5,000 years ago in India. It was first introduced to the United States in 1893 by Swami Vivekananda as a spiritual/religious practice. It wasn’t until the 1970s-1980s that yoga became more of a physical practice.

In recent years, Yoga’s popularity has been increasing rapidly. A survey in 2016 by Yoga Journal shows:

  • There are approximately 36 million people in the U.S. who practice yoga
  • That 36 million is an increase of 50% since 2012
  • Men account for 28% (10 million) of the practitioners
  • About 39% (14 million) are over the age of 50

Improve Your Basketball Performance
While Keeping Fit and Having Fun

Basketball stars Kevin Love and Lisa Harrison teamed up to bring their love of basketball and yoga to basketball players everywhere. They formed FitR, Inc., and created the new program, Basketball Yoga Blast.

This system combines 20 minutes of classic, fast-paced basketball drills for an intense workout with 10 minutes of relaxing yoga stretches as a calming cool-down.

These basketball drills train hand-eye coordination, endurance, dexterity, and discipline. They have prepared both new and seasoned basketball players with the skills necessary to excel in the game.

Basketball Greats Agree

Larry Bird, former NBA player and coach, has said:

“Practice habits were crucial to my development in basketball. I didn’t play against the toughest competition in high school, but one reason I was able to do well in college was that I mastered the fundamentals. You’ve got to have them down before you can even think about playing.”

Adding yoga as a cool-down after practicing these intense drills adds flexibility, control, and mental and spiritual aspects to your daily workout.

According to NBA great, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar:

“Basketball is an endurance sport, and you have to learn to control your breath; that’s the essence of yoga, too. So I consciously began using yoga techniques in my practice and playing.”

What is Included?

“Alright, alright,” I’ll bet you’re thinking. “You’ve convinced me this is a good system. I’ll get better at basketball and decrease or prevent a lot of health problems. But what do I get in the system, and how do I get it?”

Let me tell you just what you’re getting when you order Basketball Yoga Blast.

This is a video DVD/exercise program that includes:

  • 6 DVDs with different workouts, from beginner to advanced (Approximate Retail Value (ARV) $300). They show you how to do the various basketball drills and yoga poses suggested by Kevin Love, Lisa Harrison, and Dr. McCall.
  • Instruction guide on how to use the DVDs (ARV $10).
  • Healthy mind and body tips related to basketball and yoga (ARV $20).
  • Dr. McCall’s booklet, “Health Benefits of Basketball Yoga Blast” (ARV $20).
  • An official NBA-quality basketball, proudly made in the USA (ARV $140).
  • A handy carrying case to keep everything together (ARV $20).

Your Health Is PRICELESS

How much would you say your health is worth? It’s priceless!

To compare costs, let’s look at a few major costs for some of the problems I listed at the beginning of this letter:

  • The average cost of a triple bypass in the United States is $117,094.
  • Surgery for colon cancer with a colostomy averages $29,200. You’d also pay $120 per month for colostomy supplies.
  • If osteoporosis causes a hip fracture, the average cost of surgery to fix it runs $39,299.

These prices are only for the surgeries. None of these costs include the hospital stay and rehabilitation. So the real costs are much higher.

Take charge of your health. Do something to prevent these problems from occurring. Keep your retirement nest egg. Prolong your life.

How Much Does it Cost?

Now, the actual retail value of all the products included in Basketball Yoga Blast is $510.

But I’m not going to sell it to you for $510. I’m not even going to sell it to you for $310.

In fact, I’m not even going to sell it to you for the suggested retail price of $179.

You can get this beneficial system for JUST $149.

That’s right. Only $149 and you receive all 6 DVDs, the instruction guide, the health tips, the health benefits booklet, an official, NBA quality basketball, and a handy carrying case.

Oh! Before I explain how you can get this system at home, I almost forgot to tell you about another great benefit of getting Basketball Yoga Blast!

Protecting Your Joints

I have shared with you so many benefits of Basketball Yoga Blast. It can do SO MUCH for your health and well-being. We don’t want you to get injured while getting those benefits.

Order within seven days and we will include with your purchase a top-quality yoga mat.

Not one of those flimsy, thin mats. Oh no. We want you to remain safe and injury-free when doing the cool-down part of the program.

The yoga mat you will be getting is safe and comfortable.

You see, most yoga mats are 24″ x 68″. Having both feet on the mat is not always possible with those. Our mat is larger at 27″ x 84″. Both feet remain firmly on the mat. Plus, our mat has a full 1/4″ thick memory foam inside, twice as thick as a standard mat.

Our mat is comfortable and allows a better use of your muscles because you are able to focus on your pose and fully reap the benefits.

The Basketball Yoga Blast mat has a two-sided surface. On top, a soft texture adds grip so your feet don’t slide. This protects your joints. The bottom has an anti-slip pad. This keeps the mat from sliding on the floor which can possibly cause injury.

Finally, our yoga mat has no harmful chemicals. No phthalates or other cancer-causing substances.

The ARV of this top-quality yoga mat is $70. This brings the total ARV of the entire system to $580.

But adding this mat will not increase your cost at all! It is now an even better deal at only $149.

A Steal of a Deal!

Basketball Yoga Blast is the best way I know to take control of your health while having fun with basketball. It’s the only program of its kind.

This exercise system will give you a lean, flexible, heart-healthy, and super-fit body now. It can also delay or may prevent harmful health problems in the future.

It will give you better strength, more flexibility, and improved mental clarity. You’ll sleep better, have less stress, and be happier.

Additionally, your blood sugars will decrease, your blood pressure will be lowered, and your “bad” cholesterol level will go down.

Medical care for chronic health problems can cost you $100,000 or more.

This system would be a real deal at the retail value of $580. It would be a steal at $310.

But I’m offering it to you today for the UNBELIEVABLY LOW PRICE of only $149!

Get It Today

Get Basketball Yoga Blast today. Protect your nest egg while keeping those chronic health problems at bay. There is nothing better than heading into your golden years strong, healthy, independent, and secure.

This amazing exercise program can help you achieve all that in just 30 minutes a day!

Don’t forget: You get all 6 DVDs, the instruction guide, the healthy mind and body tips, the health benefits booklet, an official NBA-quality basketball, the top quality yoga mat, and the handy carrying case all for just $149.

Do you agree that this small investment in your health is the best thing you can do for yourself for years to come? It will allow you to keep up with the kids and grandkids. It will keep your bones healthy and strong. And it will ease the aches and pains that typically come with age.

The sooner you begin this program, the better you will feel, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I Guarantee You’ll Be Satisfied

You have absolutely no risk to giving Basketball Yoga Blast a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Order the program today. We will send it out to you to try for 30 days.

If you are not completely, 100% satisfied with how much better you feel … if your blood pressure and cholesterol levels don’t go down … if you’re not sleeping better … send it back and we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

Even if you send the program back, the yoga mat and health benefits booklet are yours to keep. That’s just for giving us the chance to improve your health while you enjoy the most fun and useful exercise program on the market today.

If you do wish to return it, we will even pay for the return shipping.

The BEST Deal

I am certain you’ll agree that Basketball Yoga Blast is the best deal for your health and fitness there is.
Order today, and take control of your wellbeing now and in the years to come.

To Your Health!

Alecia Ramsey
Director of Marketing
FitR, Inc.

P.S. If you want to turn back the hands of time … have a super-fit, healthy body … stay mentally sharp for decades to come … be the best basketball player in the neighborhood … and more … then get started today for maximum benefit.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, and you have nothing to lose!

P.P.S. I forgot to mention another great benefit you will get. This program will give you so much energy that you will be energized for more … intimate … activities with your partner as well! Not only now, but for many, many years to come. Imagine having the stamina for great sex well into your 80s, even your 90s. If that doesn’t put a smile on your face, then I don’t know what will!


Order Today for Better Health and Wellness While Improving Your Basketball Game!
______ YES! I want to improve my basketball skills and take control of my health to get a lean, flexible, heart-healthy body. Please rush me Basketball Yoga Blast so I can lower my blood pressure and cholesterol, improve my heart health, get stronger bones and muscles, help prevent cancer, and increase my stamina for a great sex life!
______ YES! I am ordering within seven days! Don’t forget to include the free yoga mat so I can be comfortable, protect my joints, focus on my pose, and fully reap the benefits of yoga.
______ I wish to order one Basketball Yoga Blast for ONLY $149. That is saving me $431 (74%) off the suggested retail price.
______ I wish to buy two Basketball Yoga Blasts (one for me, one for a friend) for $129 each, for a total of $258. This is an even better deal! I am saving $902 (almost 78%) off the suggested retail price.
______ I am paying by check or money order. (Send payment to FitR, Inc., P.O. Box 222, New York, NY 10002)
______ I am paying by credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover).

Mailing Address: Phone: (____)__________________________________ Email: ______________________________________
Name: ________________________________________ Street: ______________________________________________________
City: _______________________ State: _________ Zip Code: _________

Billing Address: ___ Same as Mailing Address
Street: _______________________________________________ City: ____________________________________________
State: _________ Zip Code: __________

Credit Card Number: _________________________________

Signature: _____________________________________


Dear Basketball Player:

Lisa Harrison and Kevin Love created Basketball Yoga Blast so you can get the same benefits many players in the NBA get from adding yoga into their practice.

They are both healthy and fit athletes. Both practice the same drills they show you in this program, drills that will make you better athletes too. They also have regular yoga practices as their cool-down. They even say they sleep better since they’ve added yoga to their practice. And so will you.

How do I know all this?

I work with several NBA players as their yoga instructor.

There are so many good things about Basketball Yoga Blast. Top-notch drills to improve agility, ball handling, free throws, scoring, and more. Yoga positions to increase flexibility, improve your balance, relax your system, and much more.

Both your basketball skills and your health will get better the more you practice. See for yourself! Get yours today.


Jason Pollock
Yoga Instructor

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