How to Find Your Lost Childhood’s Christmas Joy

Life Happens
Decorating the Christmas Tree

 When life happens and the stress of work and  family life gets you down, especially during the holiday season, taking time  for yourself is not high on the list of things to do. There is just not enough  time or energy in the day. After all, there are guest lists to make, menus to  plan, gifts to buy, and holiday parties to attend. Add in end-of-year work  deadlines to meet, and you feel snowed under.

As an adult, many duties have been thrust upon your shoulders. It’s hard to remember the carefree, joyful holidays from when you were a kid. As you struggle to make it through yet another stress-filled day, you may often wonder when and where you lost your childhood joy of the holiday season.

How I Find My Christmas Joy

When this happens to me, as it does every year, one of my favorite things to do is to change into a cozy flannel nightgown. I then pop a bag of popcorn, nestle into a pile of pillows on the couch, and watch my favorite holiday movie, Elf, starring Will Farrell.

A Young Elf

Right from the start, as Buddy the Elf grows up at the North Pole, he knows he’s not the same as the other elves. Buddy tries to fit in, but he knows he must find answers about who he is and why he’s different. It’s very easy for me to relate to Buddy, so I eagerly watch as he sets out onhis journey.

Buddy’s childlike innocence as he interacts with the world around him gives him, and me, a fresh view of the jaded world we live in. He comes across many unhappy, stressed people along the way. As he shows them the joys of living care-free and in-the-moment, I can see the stress melt from their bodies and feel it melt from mine. It’s true what they say – laughter really is the best medicine.

Buddy blunders his way through the tough streets of New York and brings joy to those around him. Seeing life through his eyes allows me to see the wonder and joy that anyone can have. I just have to be willing to reach out and grab onto it with both hands.

By the time the movie’s over, I can once again think of the happier, more care-free times from when I was a kid. Seeing and feeling the wonder and joy of the holidays through an innocent child’s eyes is truly the best Christmas blessing.

Santa and I Wish You Joy for the Holidays

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