The following is a 4-email funnel I completed for my AWAI Funnel Copywriter Badge:



SL: Exciting Opportunities Ahead for You

Start Living The Writer’s Life Today…

Dear Writer,

Thanks for getting the free report, “It’s True! You Can Make a Very Good Living As a Writer.” I hope you’ve had a chance to read it and have thought about the “9 Ways You Can Do It Now…”

It’s a Great Life…

I love writing, and I know you do, too. When I read the free report I was so excited to start writing and earning money, just like Joshua Boswell, Cindy Cyr, and Krista Jones – some of the people you read about in the free report. They are all writers who were able to leave the 9-to-5 grind and make a very good living working from home, the beach, poolside, wherever they feel like doing it.

That sounds like a great life, doesn’t it? It’s all about the freedom to work when and where you want.

Do you have a sick child or grandchild and need to pick them up from school or stay home and take care of them? No problem!

Want to go on a cross-country trip or go overseas for weeks or months at a time and still be able to earn a living while traveling? Easy!

Are you tired of having to dress a certain way to go to work then kick your shoes off the minute you get home so you can relax? Wouldn’t you like to enjoy the comfort of working in your pajamas or swimsuit, shorts and t-shirt, comfy old jeans, barefoot?

All of that is possible when you’re your own boss and can write for a living.

Start Living The Writer’s Life

When I read my free report, I knew that this was the life I wanted.

But I wasn’t sure how to become a well-paid writer with the freedoms I had only dreamed about. I certainly didn’t know much about it at the time, and I wanted guidance on what to do and how to do it.

Luckily, I read a letter that changed my life. It can change yours, too. You can find that letter right here.
Now, I am living The Writer’s Life. You can be, too.

To your success,
Alecia Ramsey
Barefoot Writer

P.S. Today is the day that your life can change for the better! So take action right now and start your journey to living The Writer’s Life. Simply click here and find out how you, too, can become a Barefoot Writer!


SL: How to Earn a Six-Figure Income Simply by Writing

Earning $100,000 or more has never been easier!

Dear Writer,

Have you had the chance to read the free report, “It’s True! You Can Make a Very Good Living As a Writer” yet? If not, I hope you do, soon.

In the report, you’ll see just how easy it can be to earn a VERY good living doing something as simple as writing a letter, posting a blog, or writing a resume. There are so many ways to earn such a great living!

Businesses Need You

It doesn’t take a college degree to be successful. All sorts of people are doing it – high school dropouts, doctors and lawyers, stay-at-home moms and dads, retired grandparents…

All it takes is knowledge of how to write in a persuasive way. That’s the kind of writing businesses need to promote and sell their products.

When I first started out, I had no idea how to write persuasively. I didn’t want to come off as sounding like a used car salesperson. However, after learning the tricks of how to write persuasive letters, emails, blogs, and reports, I found that I don’t have to sound like a desperate seller.

There’s an art and a science to writing these kinds of letters and other material. Once I learned the tricks of the trade, they became so much easier to write and are able to get much better results.

That’s exactly what businesses need and are willing to pay so much for – results!

A Very Special Invitation

I want to give you an invitation to learn about a very special group of people who can help you learn what it takes to earn a six-figure income as a writer. This group changed my life, and it can change yours, too.

The Barefoot Writer Club can guide you as you learn how to pursue a six-figure career in writing. They’ll give you:

  • a free report to learn how to write the way businesses need
  • other free reports about different ways to earn money writing
  • a free monthly magazine with tips and tricks
  • a members-only Facebook group for support and encouragement

I’m going to have Mindy give you all the details about the Barefoot Writer Club. You can read Mindy’s letter here.
Take advantage of the chance to learn how to write what businesses need, and earn a great living doing it!

To your success,
Alecia Ramsey
Barefoot Writer

P.S. There is no risk in taking a look at how the Barefoot Writer Club can benefit you, and the rewards are great! Read Mindy’s letter here, and find out what you need to do to start earning a six-figure income today.


SL: Free Information on How to Live The Writer’s Life

Enjoy the Kind of Lifestyle Others Only Dream About

Dear Writer,

I’d like to let you in on a little secret.

You can earn a six-figure income working part-time from home, the beach, a cruise, or anywhere there is an internet connection.

It doesn’t even take a Ph.D. to do it! Of course, we have doctors and lawyers doing it, but we also have high school dropouts, stay-at-home moms and dads, ex-business professionals, and retirees.

Sure, the money is great! But so are the other perks of The Writer’s Life.

• Part-time work (or full-time – your choice)
• No suits and dress shoes (yes, even barefoot is an option)
• Work from anywhere there’s an internet connection
• Choose when to work and when to relax
• Take a spur-of-the-moment trip or vacation

This lifestyle – the great income as well as all the other perks – is what other people can only dream about. Only a select few, the ones hungry for The Writer’s Life, are able to cash in on all these benefits.

Learn the Secret

By now, you’ve probably read your free report about the 9 ways you can make a very good living by writing.

Now I’d like to tell you how you can learn to do those 9 ways of writing. You see, there is a secret to how to write the kinds of letters and other things that businesses need in order to tell people about what they offer for sale and persuade them to buy.

There is a very special group of people ready and willing to help you learn how to do this special type of writing. They are members of The Barefoot Writer Club.

I’d like to introduce you to Mindy. She’ll tell you all about the benefits of becoming a Barefoot Writer. Just click here to read all about it. She’ll explain what this special type of writing is and how you can learn to do it. In fact, once you become a Barefoot Writer, you can learn how to this type of writing for FREE!

How to Change Your Life for the Better

Go ahead and take a look at Mindy’s letter. It costs nothing to do that, and the benefits you’re about to discover are unbelievable! FREE reports, a FREE subscription to a magazine with tips and tricks, FREE access to the members-only Facebook group, and three monthly writing contests where you can win $100 for each contest.

There is nothing to lose by checking out what Mindy has to say, but the benefits you’ll discover can completely change your life for the better. Just click here to read Mindy’s letter.

To your success,
Alecia Ramsey
Barefoot Writer

P.S. Those free benefits I mentioned are worth $362, but the lifestyle you can have is priceless.

Stay home with a sick child or grandchild without having to beg the boss for time off. Pack a bag and go on a trip with just an hour’s notice and stay away for as long as you like. Write for a couple hours in the morning and take the rest of the day off.

Your friends and relatives will be so jealous of the freedom you have while the money keeps rolling in.
Take a look at Mindy’s letter here. The sooner you do, the sooner you can start living The Writer’s Life.


SL: It’s Your Last Chance for the Lifestyle of Your Dreams

Time is RUNNING OUT to Start Living The Writer’s Life

Dear Writer,

I really hope you’ve had the chance to take a look at the free report we sent you, “It’s True! You Can Make a Very Good Living As a Writer” In it, you saw 9 ways you can turn your passion for writing into a wonderful lifestyle, The Writer’s Life.

Just imagine … You can work part-time from home yet still earn a six-figure income … Set your own hours … Work from the beach in your bathing suit … Earn a great living while traveling the world … How about the freedom to take off whenever you want without having to beg for vacation or sick time?

That is definitely the kind of lifestyle most people only dream about. But you can easily make it happen!

Persuade People to Take Action

If you have the passion to write, a computer, and an internet connection (from anywhere in the world), you are well on your way.

The best way to make that happen is by using a certain style of writing that businesses love – persuasive writing.

Businesses all over the world use this type of writing to attract customers, engage with their customers, and sell their products or services to these customers. And they’re willing to pay a lot of money to writers skilled in persuasive writing in order to do that.

I would like to invite you to join a very special group of people who can help you learn the type of writing it takes to earn a six-figure income as a writer while enjoying the kind of lifestyle most people only dream about.

Tell Them to ‘Act Now’

As a member of The Barefoot Writer, you’re entitled to a lot of FREE bonuses. We want you to have everything you need to become a great writer.

The FREE 85-page Quick Start Guide ($79 value) will teach you what it takes to become a successful copywriter – a person who writes persuasive copy for businesses.

Copywriters persuade people to take action — whether it’s to support a cause, read a special report, buy a product, request some more information, and so on. This is different than the “regular” advertising you see in magazines and on TV.

The difference between “traditional” advertising and the kind of persuasive writing copywriters do is, while advertising creates awareness for a product — copywriters get people to take immediate action…
Click on a link … fill out a questionnaire … complete an order form … buy a product … Not a week from now. Not tomorrow. Right now.

So Many FREE Bonuses…

A second FREE bonus you’ll receive once you become a member of The Barefoot Writer Club is the 55-page report, “Copywriting 101: The Secret Formula for Making Six-Figures From Home.” ($59 value)

This report tells you about:

  • five financial and lifestyle options copywriting gives you
  • what you don’t need to be a successful copywriter
  • the secret structure of direct-marketing sales letters
  • why copywriters make so much money
  • the “trick” that will strengthen your copy
  • the variety of opportunities that await you
  • and the fast and easy path to copywriting success.

You also will get five additional FREE REPORTS:

  • The Secret of the 1-Hour Work Week
  • The $500 Email Secret
  • The Lazy Writer’s Path to a Six-Figure Income
  • Get Paid to Surf the Web
  • Get Paid to Take Your Next Vacation

These 5 reports are valued at $195, and will be yours FREE!

So how can you get all these free reports? I’ll tell you in a minute. But first, let me tell you about a great group of people.

Hang Out with Top Writers…

You can network with other writers in the special, members-only Facebook group. There, you can ask questions and get feedback on your writing projects. Everyone in the group started out as a brand new beginner and is more than willing to share their knowledge with you.

You’ll get a chance to hang out with top writers making six or seven figures a year … “moonlighters” who are still working their regular job but use copywriting to add thousands in extra income … and beginners who want to soak up lots of valuable information.

You’ll also get 12 issues of our FREE monthly magazine, The Barefoot Writer (a $49 value). In it, you’ll find success stories, profiles of top writers, and stories of people still learning but also getting close to the six-figure mark.

Join for Less Than a Cup of Coffee…

The cost of membership to The Barefoot Writer Club is usually $149, but you’ll pay just $108 a year. That’s only 29 cents a day!

There isn’t much time left to join The Barefoot Writer Club at this incredibly low price. I can’t guarantee when the price will go back up to the usual price … But I CAN guarantee you’ll have plenty of time to decide if The Barefoot Writer Club is right for you.

That’s because you’ll have a full year … 365 days … to try the Club on a free trial basis.

Read all the reports … you can download them instantly as soon as you join the Club.

Log into the members-only website and check out everything there…

Read the back issues of The Barefoot Writer and try your hand at the three monthly contests in the current and future issues for $100 each…

Start making friends with other copywriters in the members-only Facebook group…

If, after a full year, you decide The Writer’s Life isn’t for you, call member services and you will get a prompt refund of your $108, no questions asked. The 7 free reports will be yours to keep, just for giving The Barefoot Writer Club a try.

A Steal of a Deal!

When you CLICK HERE to join The Barefoot Writer Club, you’ll get the 7 free reports, the 12 issues of Barefoot Writer, and the members-only Facebook networking opportunity, a $531 value, for the low price of JUST $108. That’s a savings of 80%!

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to help you live The Writer’s Life!

To your success,
Katie Yeakle
Executive Director, American Writers & Artists, Inc.

P.S. I forgot to mention a little “something extra” you’ll get when you become a Barefoot Writer. As a freelance copywriter, you can get extra perks, privileges, and freebies. We call them “Glicken.”

When you join The Barefoot Writer Club, you will get the report “130 Amazing Parks & Freebies for Barefoot Writers (And How to Get Them!),” a $39 value, yours FREE! That brings the total value to $570, and it’s still JUST $108, a savings of 81%. CLICK HERE to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

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