Turning My Lights “On,” and Talking SEO

Taking My Site “Live”

Getting my site set up and ready for business has not been an easy task for me. I am quite technologically challenged. However, my site is up and ready now.

I let you know last week that I would tell you how things went when I took my site live and made it searchable. I was quite nervous about taking it “live,” let me tell you. As in most things, my fears were quite unfounded.

My site was already live. It just wasn’t able to be found by search engines. Once my site was ready to be found, I made it searchable.

And guess what? Nothing happened. Because I haven’t yet learned about SEO, I know my site will not rank high on searches. However, that will soon change.

SEO – the King of Rankings

Why? Because one of the modules coming up next in my AWAI Verified(TM) Badges program will be about Search Engine Optimization. In addition, I purchased an entire course dedicated to helping me learn SEO to enable me to offer that service to clients.

Getting a site to rank high in the search is of utmost importance. According to Forbes, the front page of a Google search receives 95% of all traffic. All of the other pages in a search, combined, only get 5% of traffic.

I’m definitely not there yet.

But once I learn how to write for SEO, my value to clients will skyrocket. I will be able to write content, blogs, website pages, landing pages, etc. and have them rank very high in searches.

Ultimately, that is my goal. I want my services to be of utmost importance to the businesses I serve. I am learning as much as I can about copywriting and content marketing so I will be able to present true value to my clients. By aiming for perfection, my skills are and will be top-notch.

For outstanding copywriting services, contact me today. I look forward to talking with you about how my services will best serve your needs.


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